Reaper (Soul Screamers, #3.5)

Reaper - Rachel Vincent The cover:So this is Tod!! I’m glad I can finally see how my favorite character looks like .The storyline:So I was supposed to read this before My Soul To Keep but decided otherwise since It is just a novella and it wouldn’t affect the story of the series. After finishing MStK, I decided that I needed to read this one. I had to know how Tod became who he is in the series.This novella was short, accurate and good to read. I found a different Tod than the one in the series, acting like a selfish, non-human reaper but I found out why soon enough.So to not spoil this review, I’ll just say that unlike what Nash says all the time, that he’s brother owes him, in fact, he owes Tod a lot!! You’ll be so shocked to find out!The characters:Tod is an awesome brother and Nash is obviously blind not to see that.Levi, whom I was supposed to guess that he’ll be here, is an awesome dead kid reaper! I’m a fan of him!!! .Conclusion:This was a very good quick read from Tod’s point of view. As always, I love Rachel’s writing .This is a favorite.