The Mystic Wolves (Mystic Wolves, #1)

The Mystic Wolves (Mystic Wolves, #1) - Belinda Boring The cover:I find the cover suiting for the book and the storyline, although I completely refuse to think that the girl is Darcy. Because if she is, then I have no idea why Mason is swooning over her… no offence.The storyline:What can I say…This is the first book I read about werewolves, and I almost swore it would be the last one. If I wasn’t supposed to finish it because I’m in the blog tour for the sequel Forget Me Not, I would’ve stopped reading it from chapter 2!! With this being said, I’m glad I finished it. It ended perfectly ^__^.With no further delay, let me get straight to the point:What I disliked (because they are far more than what I liked):- The beginning. It was the worst beginning I’ve ever read. All of a sudden, we’re with Darcy, Mason, Jasmine, Daniel and someone else playing football and then Darcy talks about the Mystic Wolves and shifting…. Just what in the world? No introduction? I spent four chapters just trying to figure out who was who and did what! Enough said in here.- The characters. I disliked all of them at the beginning because of the following reason. But once the story started developing, I respected the main characters (Mason still in the danger zone…).- The storyline was so cheesy and somewhat erotic. - The writing style. I have no idea if this is a YA or Adult book, but from what I found online it’s mainly categorized as YA, which is madness. If all werewolf books were like this one, I’d keep on not reading them. There were times when I questioned why I was reading this book, it is full of nonsense romance and touching and kissing and cheesy talking. Oh God, I’ll stop at this point.- Making fun of Twilight?? huh? Even though I’m not a huge fan of the Saga but I didn’t like the fact that it was made fun at. Not cool.What I liked:Oh, finally, starting chapter eleven, I was rewarded with what I’ve been anticipating since the beginning: action and true storyline with serious twists and werewolf talk. Although it might have gotten better because finally vampires are in the house! ;).- Starting chapter eleven, the writing became much better, I lost myself in the book.- The storyline got a total different turn with many twists and actions and less crazy romance.- The characters became more familiar and more dependable on.- I loved how we could finally see and understand each relationship whether it was friendship, family one or a love interest. It was so unnerving.- The end left me speechless that I started the second one without realizing it!! It was that good at the end!The characters:Mason: The Alpha in the pack and Darcy’s supposed mate. His character is very good mostly, I just hate it when he acts in a cheesy way saying cheesy lines. But overall, he reached my expectations for a werewolf and a leader. I respect him a lot.Darcy: She almost made me insane at first. She kept acting like a teenager and whining and always turned on whenever and wherever Mason showed up without mentioning how much she tries making everything sound funny. However, when things became serious, I saw what he saw in her, a strong and powerful female with a goal to protect her friends, loved ones and pack from any danger ahead. At the end, I also respected her, not as much as Mason but better than before.Jasmine: Really??? This might be spoiling but I didn’t like the fact that the author killed her in the very first chapters! Anyways, Jasmine is Mason’s only younger sister and Darcy’s best friend. She gets killed which makes a huge impact on all “supernatural” creatures.Daniel: Mason’s second in command and the main characters’ best friend. He’s always smiling and at the same time serious and ready for being called by the Alpha.Devlin: An Enforcer and a vampire who plays a great role at the end. A trusted friend of the Alpha’s and Darcy’s. He is very honorable and trust worthy.Favorite quotes:“Why am I the only one wearing a helmet?” I reached up to adjust the strap so it didn’t dig into my chin. “Because I’m a vampire, and invincible,” he retorted. “Well, I’m a werewolf, and being supernatural isn’t going to protect your head from being smashed open like an egg on the asphalt.” I knocked my knuckles against his head. “Although, you are pretty hard headed and may bounce a little at first. --- Chapter 18.Conclusion:Oh my God, what a journey. Despite of what I said above, I’m kind of glad I read the book. It helped me have an idea on werewolves and an insight on what werewolf books are like.Would I recommend this book? If you love steamy, romance filled books and werewolves than yes. If not, I still think you should read it because at the end, you won’t be disappointed :).