The Compelled (The Vampire Diaries: Stefan's Diaries Series #6)

The Compelled (The Vampire Diaries: Stefan's Diaries Series #6) - L.J. Smith, Kevin Williamson What I liked:-The use of British words was a nice touch Smile. I loved it.-The beginning was pretty good. It was the 2nd best part in the book.-I got intrigued when Elijah was mentioned near the end of the book. Which is the best part in the story.-The characters in this sequel were all very good. I’ll miss them all :).-The fightings were nice.-As usual, the end was great! It made me anticipate what to come despite my disappointment.What I disliked:-It was so predictable. Things were starting to repeat themselves which is crazy!-In conclusion to the previous sentence, I was bored to death. In addition to the predictability, the writer, (who is not L. J. Smith by the way!! 0_o), kept over describing each move, each breath, every time the weather changed, the house, the characters… It left no room for imagination! The point of reading fiction books is to get your mind somewhere else where you could imagine things.-Unfortunately, the only part of this book where I had no idea what to come next was the ending.-Oh My God Stefan! I used to hate him, then after reading the previous books I felt sad for him. In this book, I hated him again! He was so reckless…-Agh! The events! I understand that this series is supposed to explain how Stefan became the vampire we now see in The Vampire Diaries TV show, but the things that kept happening were planned instead of just happening. Instead of creating other events and memories we don’t know how they resolved, yet, the events were based on current episodes of the show, therefore, I didn’t want to know how strong they fought Samuel after compelling Stefan or how they thought they killed him because I already know he survived and he met Stefan again!Conclusion:Oh! I’ve been disappointed :s. I had great expectations for this one because it’s the last book in this trilogy and I don’t know if there will be other sequels :(.Anyhow, I do appreciate this book. It had many favorite moments in it and the characters were lovely. It’s true it bored me, but at the end it had a different touch in it than the others in the series. It could have been much better.I don’t really regret reading it. And this was an honest review from me and it’s my point of view. Keep in mind that many readers have enjoyed it much better than I did and even gave it 5 stars :).Full review here