The Future of Us

The Future of Us - Jay Asher, Carolyn Mackler The cover:This is the UK cover. I do like the US one too because of it’s geeky aspect, but this one is just my favorite ^_^.The storyline:This is the first time I hear about Carolyn Mackler, but from my previous experience with Jay’s writing in Th1rteen R3asons Why, I had a strong feeling this was going to be a great book.The story is just amazing. It evolves around best friends since childhood Emma and Josh in 1996. Emma receives a computer as a gift from her father while Josh brings her and AOM CD-ROM for internet.When she first signs up for email and have everything set up and ready, she notices a pop up (Yep, even then they were and issue 0_o) asking her to put in her email address and password. She does that and finds herself in a website called Facebook. She calls Josh and together they discover that Facebook is a website from the future showing them their lives 15 years ahead. Of course, at first they think it’s a hoax or a virus but then they find a definite evidence when Emma discovers a photo on her profile that she hadn’t developed yet.Discovering her future with many issues in it, Emma decides to make changes that cause ripples in the future, meanwhile, Josh is so happy to find out he’s going to end up with the popular girl at their High School. After many unfortunate tried to change her future into a happy one, Emma decides to keep causing ripples until she finds her future self happy. Then one day, she kisses Josh and they start fighting because he says she’s toying with him, that’s when she decides that messing with the future was a wrong idea and when checks her Facebook later that day, she finds her future self deciding to close her Facebook account permanently and focus more on her life. At the same time, Josh discovers that he and Sydney are very different and that she’s not the one for him, so he ends things with her. At the end, Josh and Emma are finally together… for now. What I loved:The pacing was perfect, and each timing was exactly at the perfect time.The characters were so realistic and not flawless.The story being told from both point of views was brilliant. I admired each character’s ways of seeing the events and telling their story.At some part, reading it felt essential. I was so engrossed in it I couldn’t put it down!! (Thank God tomorrow is not a school day xD).The friendships in this book and the funny moments are priceless