Deadly Cool

Deadly Cool  - Gemma Halliday The cover:I love this cover. It illustrates Hartley very well, and those iPod earbuds?? Oh my!! *_*The storyline:So, this is one kind of a book. I enjoyed every bit of it.The beginning was great, introducing us directly to the issue while explaining things at the same time.Hartley’s boyfriend, Josh is the worst boyfriend I’ve ever seen, though he did one thing only by cheating on her, this made the deal for me. The girl didn’t deserve this and he was her first love!I hate boys…Anyways, at the beginning when Hartley discovers a school mate dead at her boyfriend’s house, every evidence points to him as the killer. However, he shows up and apologizes to her and asks her to help him find out who’s the real killer who’s framing him.Throughout the book, you’ll go through weird twists and awful discoveries that’ll keep you reading.One of the many things I loved about this book is that Gemma, the author, did a great job making the characters alive. There were a lot of moments when I’d have acted the same way. It was funny to see Hartley mentally debating with herself on many things and because she’s awesome, she always chose to help others, even if it meant sneaking out of the house at midnight!!And because I’m a geek, I fell more for this book, there were mentions of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Apple, Mac, Google and many more! And they were part of the story, not just mentions .The writing was smooth, funny, fun, mysterious and very good. I just have nothing to complain about in this book!!The characters:Hartley is my heroine. She’s been through a lot of things and still acted strong and brave and fought to prove her ex-boyfriend’s innocence. She’s honest and blonde who adores Legally Blonde!!