Dead Beautiful

Dead Beautiful - Yvonne Woon So, I'm a sucker when it comes to Romance books and stuff like that. I hate stories that discuss romance between teenagers. I was so close to decide to give it 4 stars (if not less) when I was reading it, mostly because it was boring at the beginning that it looked like it was one of those "gossip girls" and "romance" stories. But it really isn't!!I was so shocked at the path the story-line took at the middle of the book. I was completely socked in the story and I couldn't wait to finish the book!It ended sadly, yet it has this mystery which leaves you with theories for the next book.I'll definitely be reading the second one.I recommend it if you like mystery books, with hidden clues and you're a fan of supernatural creatures such as vampires and zombies, this one will definitely get your attention :). Also if you're a romance fan, although I didn't like that a lot :s.