Blood Promise (Vampire Academy, #4)

Blood Promise  - Richelle Mead The cover:This is one of my favorite covers. It holds mystery in it :). And it certainly says a lot about the book!!The story:As a huge fan of the series, I was somehow disappointed in this sequel.The first half was going so slow, that I was that close to stop reading it. I hated how Rose got away from St. Vladimir and how she acted somehow selfish. I know she was trying to be strong and all but that wasn’t cool at all.The second half was better but I can split it into two parts as well; the first part was the worst part of the whole book, I completely hated Dimitri as Strigoi!!! Somehow, the chapters describing how had Rose gone as a Blood Whore for Dimitri were the longest and the bad part. I felt like he was using her. And unlike the other sequels, this one got me unease :s. The second part however was super awesome and cool, especially the fact that Lissa actually punched someone!! :D.I loved the ending, it’s one of my favorites. I loved how strong is the friendship between Lissa and Rose and how much they really appreciate each other. And the big surprise at the end, which I kind of expected, you know ;).The characters:This is where it gets better! I had the honor to meet the Belikovs whom I loved, especially Olena (Dimitri’s mother). She was calm, nice and caring. His sisters were good too :).Sydney was nice to meet, especially sine she’s the narrator of Bloodlines, I had fun trying to figure her out. She’s a nice person and a trustworthy friend :).Adrian is my favorite one in this book. He was patient, funny, calm and caring. I like him very much now!Ah, and Abe of course, I won’t spoil this one (I already think I spoiled this review :s). He’s a mystery uncovered at the end of the book and it was super fun to figure him out ;).For the rest of the characters, and I mean the Lazar family, hmmmm…. I don’t need to say a thing except that I’m happy we won’t see them anymore.Conclusion:I’m really confused. I love the series but I have to be fair. I didn’t enjoy this book at all until I was at the last 3 chapters, and I counted them. At least, I figured why it wasn’t that much fun for me, it was because of Rose’s friends. I didn’t realize how much I liked Lissa, Christian, Adrian, Alberta and the St. Vladimir environment until they were almost missing in this sequel.