Until I Die

Until I Die  - Amy Plum The cover:Okay. This goes to my favorite covers ever section! I still think the cover of the first book is better than this one (I love the reddish pinkish color ;)), but they can’t keep the same one now can they?This one is gorgeous too!The storyline:This sequel blew me away!It was somewhat different from what I expected. There are few things I really don’t like about it. Which obviously has to do with Kate (no offense to her fans.). What I loved:- Amy has a wonderful ability to explore and explain every setting of the story. It was amazing how I could simply imagine myself with the characters surrounded by these amazing settings.- The involvement of the characters was great. I loved how each character had a reliable place in the story and everyone was involved, including Georgia!- The dilemma in the story is gripping. And near the end, some twists were beginning to come out that I had to question what I read in the previous chapters.- The mystery was great.- OMG! The action in this sequel kept me going on :D.- And finally, the ending. What an ending! I finished this book at 2 a.m. and I was like someone had hit me on the head! I had tears in my eyes and I wished (Still…) I had the sequel! You’ll be left breathless!What I disliked:- The beginning wasn’t as good and as strong as I ‘d expected. It was slow paced and made me somewhat question what was going on.- The writing style was somewhat different; there were some expressions that didn’t fit the story at all, and it made me wonder that maybe the relationship that Kate wants is mostly physical. In other words, it felt like romance was being forced in the story. The way Kate’s character has evolved, I was wondering why for God’s sake she was acting so un-lady like (I wouldn’t want to see a 17 years old girl give the middle finger to someone who is centuries older than her! No matter how rude he was.).Conclusion:This was the longest review I’ve written as far as I can remember.To be honest, I wasn’t sure this book would get past 3 flowers (stars) for me. But after almost 10 chapters, I was sold, and I decided it won’t get less then four. And then, when I finished the book I decided 5 won’t be enough!!!This book was a mystery and a puzzle to solve for me. I think the way things were made by Amy was the right way since I completely totally trust her. I love this book, and this trilogy is going right with The Hollow Trilogy by Jessica Verday as my favorite trilogy ever!!!If you love mystery, twists, romance, novels set in foreign countries and want to experience something unique, I recommend you read this series. You won’t regret!One more phrase: I can’t wait for the final sequel!!! Come on 2013, come fast!