Bloodlines (Bloodlines, #1)

Bloodlines - Richelle Mead The cover:I’m in love with this one *_*. I definitely can picture the girl on the cover as Sydney because the one starring in the Bloodlines introductory videos is totally nonsense… Anyways, I’m thinking that, maybe, the one on the cover is Eddie… Because I’m sure Adrian is too pretty to be him ;).The storyline:So, I’ve been dying to read this book after I finished the Vampire Academy series back in December and I heard both positive and negative reviews on it. But seriously, it was just perfect!The first thing to notice is that the narrator in this new series is Sydney, the Alchemist we met in VA series and who helped Rose escape the jail and prove her innocence (good times :’)). A lot of fans of the VA series didn’t like her being the narrator because she had a different view on things. For me, it was just as good. Of course there’ll be a difference, she’s a human who’s been her whole life taught to hate vampires and their magic. It was really refreshing to hear her side of the story and have some unanswered questions in Last Sacrifice answered here :).The story begins with Sydney at home being awakened by her father in the middle of the night to give her her new assignment. Because she’s desperate to prove her loyalty for the Alchemists, after it faltered when she helped escaping Rose back at Court, she takes the job although she’s assigned to work with Keith, an Alchemist who’s totally not a gentlemen. She’s then informed that she’ll be working together with Eddie and Adrian to keep Jill, Queen Lissa’s little sister, safe from moroi attacks who’s been trying to kill her and therefore get Lissa rid out of her title. Along the way, she keeps sharing her feelings and thoughts on everything and she also meets Abe, Rose and new morois. As the story develops; we meet new characters such as Trey, Micah and Laurel and the story gets even more interesting. Also, in this book, we get to know Sydney for real, because there’s a lot going on inside her that is reflecting her past.Throughout the story, constant mentions of Rose and Dimitri are inevitable _