Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy, #6)

Last Sacrifice  - Richelle Mead The cover:I LOVE this cover. It says a lot about Rose and what she goes thru in this book.The storyline (Small spoilers):This sequel is completely amazingly beautifully unique. No book in the series competes with Last Sacrifice, it was filled with so many emotions and mysteries it hurt to read because all the time while reading it, I was trying to be a smart girl and anticipate what was going to happen. I failed miserably.The story continues where Spirit Bound ended up, with Rose still in jail for the murder of Queen Tatiana. However, her friends get her out of it with the help of Dimitri, of course .Anyways, things got crazy like they always do with Rose, and she was caught in the middle of a huge mess, in the mean time, Lisa was nominated as Queen but they wouldn’t be able to vote for her because there’s no other member of her family left, says the Quorum.So, as always, despite being on the run for her life from Court, Rose tries to find the missing sibling Lissa has. Obviously, she got in a lot of trouble and Victor and his brother joined her.I’m going to jump to the end of this book before I spoil this review more than this.The end was the special treat. I was holding my breath and tears while reading it and I couldn’t put the book down until I was done with it. It is full of shock, mystery, dreams come true and surprising twists.Also, Dimitri and Rose’s relationship had a weird turn and I was having a lot of fun seeing them argue, and her calling him comrade like old times :’).The characters:Rose, the main protagonist, got on my nerves for the first time. She was acting like a stupid girl who was dumped, she couldn’t see the truth when it was right in front of her!!! But also, to be fair, she’s the best friend anyone would dream about, and the ending of the book is proof of that.Adrian, well, he’s Adrian!! lol I adore how cool he is and how he doesn’t care about anyone at all. I felt sorry for him at the end and how he got mad, I’ve never seen him shout like that! He was really hurt. Let’s hope things get better for him in Bloodlines .Dimitri is the old Dimitri, finally. It was so cool and nice to see him act like his old self (in Vampire Academy and Frostbite mainly). I love this mysterious teacher