Living Dead Girl

Living Dead Girl - Elizabeth Scott The cover:This is the UK cover which I love. It says a lot about the story.The storyline:This is a story that I finished right now and I’m still in shock with tears in my eyes.It is hard to go thru it all over and review it. It was amazing in awful ways.Most readers wouldn’t continue reading this book from chapter 3, it was hard to absorb, not because the book itself was bad, but because the story was realistic, it could happen to anyone.I love the book, the story, how awesome the writing was. I adore the heroine, the 15 year old girl who’s been kidnaped and raped over and over for 5 years and still found the strength she didn’t think she had when another little girl’s life was at stake.I salute her for the unbearable she bared and how despite she didn’t believe she can feel any longer she felt when she saw her new born sister’s photo in the newspaper.I salute her for her courage all these years and how despite describing herself as a Living Dead Girl, she lived and made sure her family stayed always safe at all costs.And finally for the girl, I congratulate her for getting her freedom at the end :’/.I salute the author for writing such a great novel talking about what others were afraid to mention, she did an awesome job writing such a wonderful story.The characters:No one is worth mentioning but the 15 year old girl (I won’t call her Alice, because that’s what that pervert used to call her.) and you’ll figure out her real name in the last chapter. Oh my God! no words can describe my current feelings…Conclusion:This is not a book for children, definitely for 18+. It has way too much gruesome pictures than any teenager can take, unless you’re used to horror bloody movies like me.This is a must read is you’re ready to know how cruel our little perfect world can be.I loved the book, I don’t regret reading it and I would read it again If I wanted too without hesitation, but after the trauma goes away.This is a 5 flowers book and a very close one to my heart .