Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy, #3)

Shadow Kiss  - Richelle Mead This sequel is pure awesomeness, even better than the first two! The story just keeps getting better. It was hard for me to recover from Frostbite’s disastrous ending with Mason’s death but this one’s ending was even worse! I’m not going to say any more because I don’t want to spoil this review. Just put it in your mind, that if you read the first two ones, you’ll have to read this one, there’s a lot of “magic” happening in here that you’ll be shocked!As usual, I’m a fan of Richelle’s writing, you find humor, seriousness, romance in every character in the books, I love that! But at the same time, each character is unique with their own personality and way of figuring things out. It’s just like one big happy family .The characters are awesome, I love Rose, she’s a badass girl, my type ^_^, who’s loyal to her best friend, Lissa who’s a Spirit user. Her instructor, Dimitri is in one word AWESOME! Eddie is the friend anyone would dream about and poor, poor Adrian, lol, I had to laugh at the mention of his name, he’s so crazy and funny and terribly in love with Rose. I did miss Mia, I expected more presence of her in this sequel.All in all, I’ll be reading the fourth sequel, Blood Promise in no time. I just have to finish the other books I’m currently reading :).