Falling Under: Falling Under Series, Book 1

Falling Under  - Gwen Hayes I'm so confused about this one...First, I hate this cover, it could have been better.Second, I did like the story, it was unique from anything I read before mainly because of the main subject being "hell" and "demons". I loved that!There were a lot of adult words that were just uncomfortable to read. I hated that part a lot! I don't know if this is a YA specific thing or not, I've certainly found a lot of romance and stuff like that in previous reads, but this one was just too much.I can't give it 5, there's no way I'd do that looking at other books that I gave 5 to.I think 3 is good for it, from my point of view of course. :)I wonder whether I'm going to read the sequel or not?!